Special Services

Informed Supervision/Chaperone Group: This course is appropriate for parents, adult family members and friends of adults and adolescents who have committed a sexual offense. The program covers basic roles and responsibilities of informed supervisors as well as defining and explaining concepts such as grooming, the sexual abuse cycle and safety planning. Follow-up sessions are scheduled when indicated. This service can be in a group or individual setting.

Anger Management: In this program clients learn how to label their emotions. They identify their anger cycles and learn how to change cognitive distortions. Clients also learn effective coping skills for dealing with anger. This service is available for adults and adolescents.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy: This type of therapy is most useful for difficult to manage clients who may engage in self-harming behaviors, substance abuse, manipulation and self-sabotaging behaviors. This treatment approach is very structured and focuses on skills training. This service is available for adults and adolescents.

Therapeutic Supervision: We are available to provide supervision to parents who are court ordered to have supervised visitation with their children. Supervisors are trained in child development and family dynamics. Therapeutic intervention is provided when appropriate. This service is available both on-site and out in the community.

Diana Screen: A screening instrument that identifies people who have a higher probability of having already sexually abused a child. It is designed to screen people who are seeking positions interacting with children or who will be in authority over children. Examples of such positions are church clergy, foster care providers, and child care providers.